Due to an increase in phone calls to our clinic we have decided to switch to PRE-BOOKED appointments. Same day appointments will now be reserved for URGENT needs that require same day consultation. As our physicians are booking up 10-14 days in advance we ask you to book well ahead of time. Especially in regards to prescription refills.

Please note that Dr. Mundy continues to offer ONLY SAME DAY bookings due to his anaesthesia scheduling.

Please note that all the physicians in our clinic are UBC Faculty members and active in teaching both medical students and family medicine residents. Our teaching role is very important to us and their rural family medicine experience on the Sunshine Coast is highly unique and educational for them.

Please support us in making their time with us a positive learning opportunity. All visits with medical students will be supervised by one of us physicians and all visits with family medicine residents will be reviewed with their supervising physician at the end of the day.

You are usually scheduled for a 15 minute appointment with your physician unless it is a procedure or a complete physical.


No, we currently do not have any physicians taking on new patients. Please consult the Sunshine Coast FETCH website for updated information on which physicians on the Coast are currently accepting new patients.

If we have seen you within the last few months or you forgot to ask for a prescription refill at your recent appointment we will be happy to refill your medications over the phone or by faxing your pharmacy.

If it has been longer than 3 months since we have seen you, we will likely ask you to come in for a medication refill. This is because most medications require some sort of regular monitoring. (For ex.: Your blood pressure should be monitored every 6 months. There are certain blood tests that should be monitored on a regular basis while you are taking certain medications.) We have likely given you a prescription length that coincides with this need for monitoring.

Please note that all opiate and benzodiazepine prescription refills need to be made in person ONLY and by your primary provider other than in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that our Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) are not allowed to give results over the phone unless they have been given specific instructions by the physician to do so. If you have not heard from us, then please book an appointment to review your results. E-health is another option to view your own lab results online.

  • Please do not forget to bring in the Form for your Drivers License.
  • Please also remember to bring your glasses if these are required for driving.
  • You will also be charged a fee of $94 which can be paid by cash or cheque.

We do this for many reasons. For children their weight is often very important in determining the correct medication dose or monitoring side effects of a medication. Later in life it becomes important in chronic health conditions such as heart failure or in monitoring trends. It is often very helpful for patients to be able to look back and follow their weight patterns over the last few years.

Once you have found a new family physician go to their office and sign a patient release form and have them fax this Chart request to us. We will gladly fax your chart to your new physician.

There is a charge for this as per our billing guide. $36.65 plus photocopy fees. CDs are also charged extra.

Doctors of BC recommends a ‘Complete Physical” on a yearly basis only for patients with Chronic Health Conditions (High blood pressure, Heart Failure, Diabetes, COPD, previous cancer etc.). If you are otherwise healthy it is recommended that we do “focused exams” based on any symptoms that you are experiencing. This recommendation was based on evidence that doing “Complete Physicals” on healthy individuals shows no benefit in their health.

You must come into the clinic to pick up a TAP form for any specialist appointments. These can not be emailed or faxed to you and can not be prepared over the phone. Thank you.

Some medical office services are not covered by BC Health Insurance and must be paid for directly by the patient, regardless of whether they have BC Health Insurance or not. These fees may be covered by a patient’s private health insurance who will reimburse the patient for any fees paid to the clinic. Please check with your private insurance carrier for this information.

The fees charged by our clinic are in compliance with the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA) guidelines which are updated on an annual basis.

  • Chart request or Chart transfer: $36.65 plus photocopy fees +/- CD cost
  • Completion of Form or medical certificates: $45 +/- photocopy fees
  • Disability Tax Form: $10
  • Medical E.I Form: $10
  • Medical Marijuana Form: $25
  • Drivers medical Form: $94
  • Review of records (WCB, lawyers, insurance etc.): $94.60
  • Private CPX for Insurance: $190

Photocopy fees: $1.80 per page (for first 10 pages) and $0.35 per page (after 10 pages)

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